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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Teenage boys have to be one of the most oblivious critters on God's green earth. They're even worse than teenage girls. Who knew it was possible?

Three days ago, my already-slow computer gets even slower. Particularly when I'm online. "Connection has been reset. ABC site is taking too long to load." Again and again.

I stick my head into my computer nerd genius son's room. "Hey, Daniel. Anything I can do to speed up my computer? It's getting reeeeallly slow." He proffers a few words about more memory. Probably true. I know I'm getting critically low. The most obvious solution is often the right one.

Two days ago, My Man complains that his computer is also slow. We run virus scans on both machines, just in case. They're both clean. We ask Son how his computer is working. Just fine, thanks. We chat a bit about how the slow seems to be contagious.

This morning, my computer is even SLOWER. Son says, "Oh, I'm downloading a brgufzlzx file, and it's big, about $@^# gigs, so I use accelerators [was that the word? I think so] which means it takes up a lot of bandwidth. It'll be done in a couple of hours." An hour later, the boy heads off to work. I head out to run some errands.


" *%#& gigs, for one download?!? How much memory do you have on that thing, anyway?" (It won't be standard. He and his dad custom-built it together. Computer genius-ness is in the DNA, it seems.)

"Well, I have three hard drives," he says. "One's 15 gigs, to run Windows and for school stuff; one's 30 for my music; one's 40 for games."

Good Lord.

Six hours later, son still at work, I try my computer again. Molasses.


Walk upstairs to son's room. Stare at quietly humming machine for a moment. Walk across the floor. Take in the blinking blue lights, the flickering green ones. A lot of activity happening in here.

Reach out, and...

Click. Whirrrr... the beast subsides to silent dark.


Houston, we have internet!

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  • Huzzah!

    By Blogger greavsie, at 10:29 a.m.  

  • Yes, we get the go-slow-teenage-boy effect too. The eldest swears he's just upgrading stuff on his (swanky, brand new) laptop, rather than downloading porn say. At least your's goes to work!

    By Blogger f:lux, at 6:20 a.m.  

  • Greavsie - Thanks! V. happy to see that cheerful G in the comment box.

    f:lux - I'm not so naive as to think the boy has never looked, but thus far an immense download is far more likely to be a game than smut. Still, I feel at such a disadvantage in this arena: he knows so much more than I about computers, he could easily hide just about anything from me.

    By Blogger irreverentmama, at 8:32 a.m.  

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