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Friday, March 31, 2006

Becca hums a ditty as she constructs a castle from a kit.

"Argh!" I look up, expecting to see frustration over a piece that isn't going where it belongs, but no. "It's this song," she explains. "I've got the Charmin Ultra song running round and round and round my head."

I grin and offer commiseration. She muses over the phenomena as she nestles on piece into another. "They make the song so catchy so that it will stick in your head. Then when you go to the grocery store and you see a gazillion brands of toilet paper there, you'll see the Charmin and pick it, and you won't even know why, but it's because of that song, humming in the back of your mind."

This wouldn't be too bad an explanation, I'm thinking.

"It only costs five times as much as the 'regular brand' that's in the song, but you're going to go ahead and buy it if you don't think about it. Which is silly, really. The regular brand might be a little scratchier, but it's only for wiping poo, anyway."

The girl has such a good head on her shoulders. I'm so proud.


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