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Friday, March 10, 2006

Becca is so cute these days! I love spending time with her. A delightful child, absolutely delightful. The youngest of my three, momma's still her best friend, she's still happy to spend time with me. Her friends are becoming more important, but they have not yet - as they inevitably will - superceded her family.

The other day we were talking about her brother's music collection. One of the many reasons I like the boy is that, while he listens to top-40 stuff, his tastes are not dictated by his friends and the charts. When I pull one of the ever-present headphones away from his ear, I am as likely to be greeted by Duke Ellington, or U2, or Miles Davis, or even Mozart as I am some cacophonous screechers whose name means nothing to me. (Yes, I am un-hip. Why spoil my teens' sense of cultural superiority by keeping up with all the fleeting figures who will be an embarrassment to them in another ten years?) I'm with Sherlock Holmes: fill my brain with too many non-essentials, and I won't retain the important stuff. Like where I put the income tax installment form that I need to take to the bank next week...

So, Bekah. We're talking about Daniel's music. She pauses in the conversation to ask a question.

"Mama, you say 'eclectic' like it's a good thing, but then you use it for the crazy ladies on the street."

I pause in momentary puzzlement, then understanding dawns and with it comes laughter.

"Oh, sweetie. That's 'eccentric'!"

And she laughs with me. Twelve is a wonderful age.


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