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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Just got back from seeing Beowulf. A great retelling of the original tale, which, yes, I have read. In the original Old English. I am so cultured. (It took me about two weeks, with the help of a very large glossary.) Then there was the "sexy-witch" (Canada's own Sarah Polley, terrific as ever) thread thrown in to give background and a reason for compassion - said compassion being wholly lacking from the original saga. The Old English didn't "do" compassion to one's enemies.

Anyway. A good movie - if you don't mind a lot of gore. I knew this going in. I've read the book, remember? No way you can tell this story without gore. A savage tale from savage times. Except I'm not really a savage. So I had my eyes closed quite a bit. Too bad severing limbs makes such a distinctive squelching noise...

And speaking of noises, what's with the fucking VOLUME in movie theatres? Do they think we're all deaf? Have they forgotten movie theatres now hold 23 people, not 400?

Next time I bring ear plugs.


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