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Sunday, June 18, 2006

My very first time...

for a meme. That other first time, the one you were thinking of with your minds in the gutter? It wasn't so memorable. In fact, it was over almost before it began, and it still managed to hurt! Lucky me, huh???

Okay. So Urban Girl (the one who's tackling motherhood) has tagged me for this, though I've seen it somewhere else, too. (Was it at your place, Karl?)

5 Things

5 things in my refrigerator
- a tonne of vegetables (those damned drawers are NOT big enough)
- beer (Corona, Caffrey's, Waterloo Dark)
- four kinds of cheese (cheddar, mozarella, asiago, parmesan)
- baba ghanouj
- eggs
Lots of other stuff.

5 things in my closet
Um. I live in an old house. No closets. Really. So, in the corner of the bedroom that serves as closet, besides the expected and boring clothes, which I will not list, we find:
- silk scarves and ties flung over the rail
- a Metropolitan Toronto police officer's hat
- hand-made baby quilts (by a great-gramma)
- a largish cherry red teddy with "LOVE" and "YOU" on the soles of its feet.
- not enough coat hangers

5 things in my purse
- coconut lip butter from the Body Shop
- cheque book, bank books
- lipstick (the kind that puts a glow on your cheeks, not colour on your lips... heh)
- too many keys
- cell phone

5 things in my car
I am an environmentally-friendly city girl, who walks and busses way more often than she drives, so there isn't much in there!
- box of kleenex
- maps
- insulated coffee mugs
- insurance info
- an undefined but persistent and pervasive fustiness (too many teens, I think...)

5 to tag
Do I know five people to tag? You can tag yourselves!

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  • Yeah, that was me. Geez, your fridge is so much sexier than my fridge.

    By Blogger Karl, at 2:31 a.m.  

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